Environmental Enrichment

At The Pet Clinic P.C. we work hard to provide the best hospital experience for your pets.  Enrichment of the hospital environment decreases both stress and anxiety, and increases the quality of the visit and hospitalization.

We provide padding, beds, and blankets in all cages.  Food and water bowls are appropriately sized, and, if needed, are raised for added ease.  We have litter boxes of various sizes and depths.  All kennel wards have music playing and Feliway and Adaptil diffusers plugged in at all times.  Each cage is also sprayed with the pheromone products.

Our kennel staff walks our canine patients three to four times a day, and dogs on iv fluids get walked every 1 to 2 hours.

Hide-a-boxes are used for cats to hide in, and Feliway and Adaptil sprayed towels are used to cover cages to help decrease stress in areas where there are lots of movement and noise.

Our pocket pets get cubes to hide in, hanging beds, and lots of hay to curl up in.  Reptiles are kept in our reptile ward, which has its own thermostat to measure temperature and humidity levels.  Soaking dishes, sand, rocks, branches, everything your reptile would require are provided while he/she is staying with us.

We make every effort to make sure your pet is comfortable while we draw blood samples, take x-rays, and treat your pet.   We make sure they are on a warm, non-slick surface, and in a quiet, low-traffic area.


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