Low Stress Handling

Low Stress Handling and Restraint

Low Stress Handling and Restraint was created by Dr. Sophia Yin, world renowned veterinarian and veterinary behaviorist. Dr. Yin has spent years learning smarter, kinder, gentler ways to work with her patients making the visit a more rewarding, less stressful and happier visit. When our patients are happy we are happy!

She has produced several books and videos for veterinary professionals teaching them how to use better, safer and kinder techniques for every type of visit. You may have seen her videos on YouTube showing various types of restraint and training.

We are proud to promote and utilize these new techniques making your pets visit a safer, kinder, happier visit.

We not only practice Low Stress Handling and Restraint but we also utilize many behavior modification techniques such as Desensitization. Working slowly and gradually with your pet, we can desensitize them to having their nails trimmed and it will no longer be a scary procedure for them.

If they scared or nervous coming to the clinic, we have behavior modification for that too!
There are many other behavior modification procedures we implement all to help your pet feel more secure and comfortable, and help you feel relaxed knowing your pet is in good hands.

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