Use of Pheromone Products

The Pet Clinic P.C. has been recognized by Ceva Animal Health as the Ideal Clinic for usage of their behavior pheromone products, Feliway and Adaptil.

Ceva had a professional filming company film the clinic and our usage of the product.  These films will be played at all major veterinary behavior conferences throughout the United States and Europe.  They will also be used at veterinary clinics throughout the United States for training purposes on utilization of their products.  Images from the film will be used in the products educational pamphlets.

Ceva recognizes our continued efforts in providing the best pet care possible by acknowledging behavior as a major role in veterinary medicine.  Through our efforts we strive to create an enriched and calm environment thereby making the hospital visit a more rewarding and less frightening one.

Feliway and Adaptil are pheromones used to help decrease stress and anxiety and increase relaxation and comfort throughout your pet’s stay at our hospital.  The products can also be used at home for many stressful situations.

Feliway, used in feline patients, is adapted from the F1 facial pheromone.  You may recognize this from watching your cat rub his/her cheek on surfaces throughout the house.  Feliway can be used for multi-cat households, territorial issues, aggression, moving, stress and/or anxiety, urinary cystitis, scratching and much more.

Adaptil, used in canine patients, is adapted from the canine appeasing pheromone.  This pheromone is released by the mother to help provide comfort and reassurance.  Adaptil can be used for stressful situations such as storms and fireworks, separation anxiety, multi-dog household, car rides, moving and much more.

In our clinic, all cages, towels, cage pads, cat perches and beds are sprayed with the correct pheromone spray.  All e-collars, muzzles and tables are also sprayed.  Exam rooms have diffusers for continuous exposure to the pheromone and cats get a warmed Feliway sprayed towel to lay on.  Each waiting room utilizes a diffuser and employees spray their jackets as well as their hands.

Feliway comes in a spray and diffuser form, while Adaptil comes in a spray, diffuser, and collar form.

If you are interested in learning more about these products or are interested in buying them to help with your pet’s unwanted behavior, speak with a staff member today.


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